Mr. Kamil Vondrous has guided us through Prague with an incredible pacience and his knowhow was really amazing. He is a very friendly man with good manners. Congratulations. We can only recommend him as a guide. We wish him and his family all the best for the future.

Monica and Paul Jutzi


My husband and I traveled to Prague this year, in part to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary and also to do some genealogical research on my father’s Czech side of the family. We hired a tour guide through the internet not knowing exactly what we would get and we considered ourselves very lucky to have gotten Kamil Vondrous as our guide. He was wonderful! Not only does he have a vast knowledge of the history of Prague and the sights that we saw, he also has an incredible command of the English language. He made his tour both interesting and fun. We were so pleased with him that we ask if we could hire him again the next day. He arrived at our hotel, punctual as usual, and drove us to a small town near Plzen called Dolce. Again, his knowledge of the area was excellent and he helped me find the very house where my forefathers had lived along with the cemetery where they are buried. I only wish we had had more time. We would have hired Kamil to take us to several other towns. I can not recommend Kamil enough – we hope to return to Prague some day and I will make sure that Kamil is our guide!

Victor and Janet Maldonado
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan


Dear Kamil Anthony,

We had a wonderful and informative tour. Thank you very much.
You have great soul in both a spiritual and intellectual sense. Grow with it and enjoy it.
May the peace of Christ be with you

Gerry and Nancy Mannion
San Francisco


Recently, my husband and I traveled out of the United States for the very first time. We were with a group of eighteen other people and our travels took us to Prague. While there our tour guide was Kamil Vondrous. I can’t say enough good things about our guide. Not only was he very knowledgeable of the city which included the history, architecture, where to eat, where to shop, and much more, his English was exceptional and easily understood. He was also very kind and patient and always made sure everyone was accounted for and their needs were met. Unfortunately, one of the travelers had their purse stolen along with their passport. Kamil saw to it that the incident was taken care of and the very next day the traveler had a new passport. He remained very calm and helped to ease the mind of one very anxious lady. I would recommend that anyone traveling to this lovely city, consider Kamil as their guide. You will love seeing Prague with Kamil just as my husband and I did.

Linda Welland
Perryville MO


Dear Kamil,

You have been an excellent guide to show us the wanders of Prague. Thank you for sharing your knowledge of the area and thank you for your patience.

Best wishes to you and your wife and the up coming birth of your baby.

Most sincerely

Emily Campbell & Evelyn Mulvihill
New York


My family of four – 2 adults and 2 teens arranged with Kamil for a full day tour of Prague. Kamil is very knowledgeable about the city, showing us not only the main highlights you find in most guide books, but additional parts of the city locals know.
We were keen on understanding the time from WWII through the velvet revolution. Kamil is young enough to keep a good pace through Prageu but old enough to have experience the 1989 revolution. H shared what his life was like as a boy and teen, and how the country has changed and evolved in the last 20 years.
My teens LOVED this tour – we did not spend a lot of valuable time inside museums, but instead did a complete overview of the entire city. Kamil suggested which museums would interest us, and we could visit another day.
Kamil also arranged a traditional czech lunch away from tourists, helped us navigate the food and menu. Wonderful, wonderful day. Highly recommend.

Visited August 2011

Susan Koster
New York


Hello Kamil,

we have just returned to Australia after a terrific journey through many interesting countries since leaving you in Prague in mid April.
We wanted to thank you for providing a great guiding service during our day with you in Prague, then out to Kutna Hora on the next day. Your knowledge of Czech history was brilliant, but the bit we enjoyed most was being able to have a really good discussion about the little day-to-day things – family, food, education, attitudes to the church and all those interesting subjects that aren’t always covered in a guide book. This was helped by your excellent command of English – you even seemed to understand our rather sloppy colloquial Australian English – well done. Your attitude to the planet, your family and life in general indicated to us you are very decent human being and we really appreciated your ability to have an open and frank conversation on any topic.
We wish you and your family well for the future.
Kind regards and thanks again,

Geoff and Barbara Goodfellow


Recently, my wife and I traveled to Prague in the Czech Republic. We decided to hire a tour guide to show us around the city. We had the great fortune to meet Kamil Vondrous, who guided us on a walking tour of Prague. Kamil proved to be an outstanding selection. From the moment we met him until the tour was over, I must say that we were thrilled to have him as a guide.

The first reaction you have when meeting him, is that Kamil is a warm and pleasant person to be with. At the outset, he sat down with us and mapped out a tour strategy designed to cover as much of the city as possible in the time allotted. As we set off from our hotel, he maintained an appropriate pace that accommodated those of us who were a lot more senior in age than he. Throughout our journey, Kamil commented on the various places, sights, and culture associated with the city of Prague. The four of us who toured with Kamil, were impressed with both his knowledge and his ability to impart that knowledge to foreigners. Also, as in English teacher, Kamil’s use of the English language was impeccable.

Because of his superb planning and use of the public transportation system, we were able to cover a good portion of the city and visit many sights that most tourists would not see in the same period of time. My colleagues and I were visiting Prague as part of a business conference. The conference manager had scheduled several tours for the group during our one-week stay. I must say that, in contrasting those tours to the four hours we spent with Kamil, we would have to give Kamil an A+ grade for his performance. We were thoroughly satisfied with what we saw and learned on our tour with Kamil.
The fact that this delightful young man was so knowledgeable, helpful and accommodating, just made the overall experience one to truly remember.

My wife has traveled through Europe on many occasions, and she remarked that this was by far the best coverage and most enjoyable tour of a European city that she has experienced. Our hope is to return to Prague one day, and we will definitely try to connect with Kamil because we consider him to be a new friend. We highly recommend that you contact him if you are visiting the Czech Republic, as you will find him friendly, knowledgeable, and affordable.

Ed & Cathy Cody
Vienna, VA


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