Salzburg – Cesky Krumlov – Prague

Salzburg – Cesky Krumlov – Prague

  • Are you looking for private transportation from Salzburg to Prague or from Prague to Salzburg?
  • We can take you directly to/from Salzburg, or arrange to do sightseeing along the way.
  • Choose your time, your route,  your pace and make the most out of your time!

Salzburg to Prague Private Transfers

The time and comfort make a difference. Our local driver picks you up at the agreed time and at the agreed place and drives you safely to your destination in another city. You can avoid finding cabs, taking care of your luggage, waiting at trains stations or security lines. What more, you can make most of the day by touring the castles, abbeys or towns along the way that would be missed otherwise!

Prague to Salzburg Private Transportation

is organized as one way transfer when guests are picked up either in Salzburg/Prague and delivered to their destination in Prague/Salzburg. Guests stay at their final destination and do not return back.

You can choose whether you prefer a direct transfer to/from Prague or a sightseeing transfer to/from Prague.

Our service is a door to door service and it can be customized to your preference.

You will be provided with an English speaking driver and a comfortable car/van. All of our drivers speak English well (although with some mistakes) but most importantly, they are nice, knowledgeable and friendly people. Our drivers are experienced, and they know interesting places and stories. They can provide you with some current and historical information about the Czech people, their lifestyle and other topics you may be interested in.

Our drivers can guide you partially; however, they will not provide the service of a professional guide in terms of a deep knowledge of history and background. This can be accomplished by hiring a local guide during your transport. Most of the Czech castles, chateaus and glassworks, etc., offer their own guide services.

We know what matters. We know that sometimes your holiday is planned long ahead but sometimes it is not due to your busyness. But still, it is the time you want to enjoy. You can enjoy alone or with a local person helping you getting a real insight into different cultures. Such a local experience as a part of your travelling can make a difference and we honestly believe it is irreplaceable.

You can visit one of the following cities and sights during your private scenic transfer from Prague to Salzburg or from Salzburg to Prague.

Cesky Krumlov – Ceske Budejovice

There are other nice places; but, in our experience, the ones mentioned above are the best. If you would like to go somewhere else, just let us know where.

Salzburg to Prague – Prague to Salzburg with Cesky Krumlov

Salzburg – Cesky Krumlov – Prague

Cesky Krumlov

Salzburg – Cesky Krumlov – PragueThere’s really nowhere quite like Cesky Krumlov. It is guaranteed to delight visitors with its UNESCO-protected Krumlov Castle, immaculately preserved medieval streets and stunning Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance-era buildings, filled with cafes, restaurants, boutiques and galleries.

Although the world and towns around us have changed a good deal, the old charm of this city has yet to fade. Visitors are repeatedly impressed by its unique natural setting and its antiquity which reminds one of a fairy tale setting.

Ceske Budejovice

Salzburg – Cesky Krumlov – PragueSalzburg – Cesky Krumlov – PragueCeské Budejovice is a really nice town dating back to 1265 is situated in the southern part of Bohemia and boasts with preserved medieval architecture. The

dominants of the city center is a large Square, the Old Town hall and the 16th century Black Tower. The town is a seat of the original Budweiser Budvar Brewery.


Best way to experience

Kamil organized a extraordinary visit for us to the Czech Republic!
Starting from arranging
transportation from Austria, via Cesky Krumlov to Prague with Jacob, who was a fantastic driver/guide. We learned so much about the history, people, customs of the Czech Republic during our drive through the countryside. Cesky Krumlov is one of the most beautiful towns in Europe. Our stroll through the town, and our ascent to the Krumlov Castle are vividly implanted in my mind.You may read more reviews at our

Additional information

Duration: 8 hours (5 hours drive / 3 hours sightseeing)
Availability: All year around
Location: 378 km/ 5 hours by car
Means of transport: a car/van and walking
Walking: to a castle – uphill, otherwise easy and cobblestones.
What to see: Cesky Krumlov – Ceske Budejovice
Meeting place & time: We will see you at the agreed time and place
Included: Car / van, driver, fuel, parking fees, highway tolls


The cost includes the service of an English speaking driver with a comfortable car/van and the time for sightseeing stops along the way.

Number of People CZK EUR USD
1 – 3 people 10.500 404 500
4 – 6 people 11.000 423 524
  • You can pay your driver after the tour.
  • Entrance fees are not included in the price and may vary slightly.
  • EUR and US cost is approximate and will change depending on actual exchange rates.

Prague to Salzburg Direct Tranfers

In case you are interested in a direct transfer from Prague to Salzburg or from Salzburg to Prague with no sightseeing on the way, we would be happy to provide you with a professional and experienced driver.


Number of People CZK EUR USD
1 – 3 people 9.000 346 429
4 – 6 people 9.500 365 452
  • Duration: 5 hours (one way)
  • Distance: 378 km (one way)
  • You can pay your driver after the transfer.
  • EUR and US cost is approximate and will change depending on actual exchange rates.

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