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  • Would you like to leave Prague for a day to see a town called “The Florence of the North“?
  • Situated just over two hours north from Prague, Dresden is a very popular day trip.
  • Dresden is a baroque masterpiece where you can see some of the finest art collections.

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Private trips to Dresden from Prague

A day trip from Prague to Dresden is a great choice perfect for either a sightseeing or cultural day.

This all-day trip from Prague to Dresden will take you to a striking town lying on both banks of the river Elbe. The city is full of the spires, towers, and domes of palaces.

Dresden has two main sections, the New Town on the right bank of the Elbe and the Old town on the left bank.

The tour will show the highlights of the city. After arriving to Dresden we will walk around the town and will explore much of the Old Town of Dresden, including the most famous sights of Dresden like the Zwinger Palace, the Semper Opera House, Church of Our Lady – Frauenkirche, the Royal Castle with a Green Vault, Albertinum and many others.


  • First you can admire Zwinger, a beautiful baroque structure that originally served as a party palace for royals and now houses the Old Masters Gallery, featuring works by Raphael – Sistine Madonna, Rembrandt, Rubens and others. It also houses The Museum of Porcelain – museumand museum of curiosi.
  • Next you will see the neo-Renaissance Semperoper opera house, in which the world-famous composer Richard Wagner introduced many of his works.
  • Brühl Terrace – sometimes called „Balcony of Europe“, Bruhl Terrace is a well known promenade along the river offering a nice view of the New Town, river and blata dock.
  • The Procession of Princes – a remarkable panorama of the royal family created with 25,000 Meissen porcelain tiles (see photos)
  • Frauenkirche – a dominant structure of Dresden and an architectural icon of the city – the finest protestant church.
  • Albertinum – featuring a collection of New Masters including works of Edgar Pegas, Vincent van Gogh, Paul Gauguin and Claude Monet.
  • Royal Palace and The Green Vault – former royal treasure collection situated inside the most splendid treasure chamber museum you may have ever seen. There you can find very fine jewelled creations, a collection of precious objects, and ivory carvings. Most of them are situated in the historical Green Vault.
  • Kreuzkirche – the largest church in Saxony and the seat of a famous boys choir.

The afternoon is dedicated to free time that can be used for having lunch and especially for visiting some of the Dresden´s famous museums or galleries that are not to be missed!

History of Dresden

Dresden was founded more than 800 hundred year ago and it was a seat of many Saxon kings and princes as it was a capital city of Saxony.

The most famous king of Saxony is Augustus the Strong from the family of Wettiner and many buildings of the city date back to the period of this family. The world famous art collections are testimony to their interest in art and extreme wealth.

During WWII, the historical centre of Dresden was almost completely destroyed by bombing in 1945. This is something still alive in the history of Dresden and is commemorated each year in ceremonies and processions. More than 30,000 people died as a result of the attack.

At present the historical centre is largely restored to its former beauty and since the reunification of Germany in 1990, Dresden has played an important part as one of the country´s cultural centers.


Additional information

Duration: 10 hours
Availability: all year round
Location: 150km north of Prague
Means of transport: a car/van, walking
Walking: easy walking, flat
What to see: Zwinger, Semperoper, Frauenkirche, Royal Palace,
Kreuzkirche, The Procession of Princes, Brühl Terrace, etc.
Meeting place & time: reception of your hotel unless agreed otherwise. The time we leave completely up to you.

Price list

amount of people CZK
1 – 3 people 6.900 CZK
4 – 6 people 7.400 CZK
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