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Prague offers a wide range of museums and galleries. Here, we have created a list of such places that are, according to our opinion, worthy to see and that our clients often visit.

We will be happy to show you where exactly Prague Museums & Galleries are situated and help you with our advice about which would best suit your interest.

Of course, there are more Museums & Galleries in Prague but we have created a list of those our clients often speak about, have visited or simply find interesting


National museum
Museum of natural history located on the top of Wenceslas square.
Lobkovicz museum
Considered the best museum in Prague. Not too big but of a high quality. Situated in the area of the Prague Castle.
Kafka museum
Especially for those who acknowledge the work of F. Kafka probably the most famous Czech – Jewish writer.
Mucha museum
The world´s first Mucha Museum, dedicated to the life and work of the world-famous Czech ART NOUVEAU artist Alphonse Mucha.
Museum of Charles Bridge
A high quality musem a few steps from Charles Bridge.
Jewish museum
Situated in a former Jewish ghetto. Together with Old Jewish cemetary forms a most visited museum.
Museum of decorative arts
Exhibitions of new trends in art after 1990 as well as Art Deco, Czech Cubism, photographs and posters.
Museum of Communism
This exhibition casts light on times between 1948 – 1989 in the Czech Republic.
Museum of Antonin Dvorak
Museum of probably the greatest of all Czech composers.
Museum of W.A. Mozart
Prague played an important role in Mozart´s life.
Museum of Bedrich Smetana
Museum dedicated to the life and works of Bedrich Smetana, famous Czech composer of classical music.

Prague Galleries

Museum of Cubism
House at the Black Madonna. Here you can learn more about Cubism and its architecture and design.
Convent of St. Agnes
Medieval Art in Bohemia and Central Europe.
Convent of St. George
19th-century Art in Bohemia (1790-1910).
Kinsky palace
Art of the Ancient world. Permanent exhibition of the Art of Asia and the Ancienit Mediterranean Region.
Schwarzenberg palace
Exhibition of Baroque in Bohemia.
Sternberg palace
European Art from the Classical Era to the Close of the Baroque.
Veletržní palace
Art of the 19th, 20th nad 21st Century.
Prague Castle Picture Gallery
European paintings from 15th-16th century.
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