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Munich – Pilsen – Prague

  • Are you looking for private transportation from Munich to Prague or from Prague to Munich?
  • We can take you directly to/from Munich, or arrange to do sightseeing along the way.
  • Choose your time, your route and your pace and make the out most of your time!

Transport from Munich to Prague or Prague to Munich

A private transfer from Prague to Munich or from Munich to Prague

Is organized as a one way transfer when guests are picked up either in Regensburg/Prague and delivered to their destination in Prague/Munich. Guests stay at their final destination and do not return back.

You can choose whether you prefer a direct transfer to/from Prague or a sightseeing transfer to/from Prague. Our service is a door to door service.

You will be provided with an English speaking driver and a comfortable car/van. All of our drivers speak English well (although with some mistakes) but most importantly, they are nice, knowledgeable and friendly people. Our drivers are experienced, and they know interesting places and stories. They can provide you with some current and historical information about the Czech people, their lifestyle and other topics you may be interested in.

Our drivers can guide you partially; however, they will not provide the service of a professional guide in terms of a deep knowledge of history and background. This can be accomplished by hiring a local guide during your transport. Most of the Czech castles, chateaus and glassworks, etc., offer their own guide services.

You can visit one of the following cities and sights during your private scenic transfer from Prague to Munich or from Munich to Prague.

Pilsen – Karlstejn Castle – Bohemian Glassworks

There are other nice places; but, in our experience, the ones mentioned above are the best. If you would like to go somewhere else, just let us know where.

Karlstejn Castle

Munich – Pilsen – PragueThe most important medieval castle in Bohemia occupies a wholly exceptional position among the many Czech castles. The impressive chateau was founded originally as a treasury and safe-keeping place for the Czech crown jewels and holy relics rather than royal seat. A short distance from Prague, the castle setting in romantic woodlands acquaints visitors with the natural beauty of Czech countryside and a glimpse of some typical local villages.

Bohemian Glassworks

Munich – Pilsen – PragueVisit the Bohemian Glasswork factory where you will learn about the glass-making processes. Bohemian glass and crystal is famous all over the world especially for its excellent cut and engraving.

Open Monday through Friday, for just 100CZK ($5), the factory allows visitors to witness each fascinating stage of the glass making process for themselves, admiring the quality and craftsmanship that have earned it the status of official state glass manufacturers.


Munich – Pilsen – PraguePlzen (Pilsen) belongs to one of the most important Czech towns. The town was founded as early as in 1295. Nowadays it is the main city of Western Bohemia and its cultural, industrial and commercial center. The town is rich in architecture and its town square was declared a historical landmark. However, the city´s fame is closely linked with Pilsen Urquell – a world famous brewery where you can also take a tour.

Additional information

Duration: 7 hours (4 hours drive / 3 hours sightseeing)
Availability: All year around
Location: 385 km/ 4 hours by car
Means of transport: a car/van and walking
Walking: to a castle – uphill, otherwise easy and cobblestones.
What to see: Pilsen – Karlstejn Castle – Bohemian Glassworks
Meeting place & time: We will see you at the agreed time and place
Included: Car / van, driver, fuel, parking fees, highway tolls


The cost includes the service of an English speaking driver with a comfortable car/van and the time for sightseeing stops along the way.

Number of People CZK EUR USD
1 – 3 people 10.500 396 490
4 – 6 people 11.500 423 521
  • You can pay your driver after the tour.
  • Entrance fees are not included in the price and may vary slightly.
  • EUR and US cost is approximate and will change depending on actual exchange rates.

Munich to Prague direct transfers

In case you are interested in a direct transfer from Munich to Prague or from Prague to Munich with no sightseeing on the way, we would be happy to provide you with an English speaking driver.


Number of People CZK EUR USD
1 – 3 people 8.900 342 424
4 – 6 people 9.600 369 457
  • Duration: 4 hours (one way)
  • Distance: 385 km (one way)
  • You can pay your driver after the transfer.
  • EUR and US cost is approximate and will change depending on actual exchange rates.
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