Kutna Hora — Bone Church Tour

  • Visit this UNESCO world heritage town with its unique medieval layout and one of a kind site.
  • Here you can find sites you cannot anywhere else.
  • An excellent option for those who want a half-day trip from Prague, with afternoon return.

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Private trip from Prague to Kutna Hora & Bone Church

For those seeking an alternative to larger cities and to experience an authentic Czech town, Kutna Hora with Bone Church is a must. This charming medieval town was once home to the world’s largest silver mine.

A visit reminds one of earlier times. Life here is quiet, relaxed and less tourist-influenced. You will be charmed by this town has to offer.

Viewed from a distance upon arrival, you will be awed by St. Barbara’s Cathedral. This Czech treasure of medieval Gothic architecture dating to 1388 with impressive exterior and masterpiece interior was consecrated to a patron saint of miners.

Visit the Museum of Silver located in 15th century Hradek Castle and perhaps take a silver mine tour, exploring an over 250-meter length medieval mine while cloaked in miner’s hat and coat.
At conclusion of the 13th century, the mine provided about one third of European silver production. Because of its wealth, Kutná Hora became the second most important city in Bohemia, after Prague.

The Bone Church (Ossuary) in Kutna Hora is a very eerie-unique, highlight experience amazed by all. Located in a cemetery, the church is fully decorated with human bones and skulls of more than 40 thousand people who died during 14th century plague epidemics and 15th century religious wars. Human bone-filled walls, vaults with skulls with crossbones hanging on display and centrally hung bony chandelier are the dominant features of this one of a kind place.

While strolling Kutna Hora’s cobblestone streets, observe local patrons shopping at the main
square, or sitting at an open restaurant enjoying a cup of coffee. Also, experience authentic Czech food at a medieval tavern, or have a beer with locals.

Kutna Hora is also home of the largest tobacco processor in the country, Philip Morris.

A half-day tour to Kutna Hora and Bone Church is memorable and very much worth the time.



„We’d like to say how wonderful our experience was visiting these two Czech cities, thanks to our guides Kamil and Petra Vondrous.. They are a delightful couple; experienced and knowledgeable. which allowed us to enjoy and better understand the rich culture and history of Prague and Kutna Hora.

We were fortunate is that we spent two half-days with Petra walking Prague and the third day with Kamil visiting Kunta Hara. For those who like smaller quieter towns, this city is a must especially for anyone that has read Ken Follett’s, “The Pillars of the Earth” and “World without End”. The Gothic five-naved Saint Barbara’s Cathedral is majestic with it’s double-arched flying buttresses and modest interior. For me this must have been Follett’s inspiration. Besides St. Barbara’s there are other tourist attractions and walking the streets of this 12th century city was

Again, thanks to Kamil and Petra for making our visit so successful.“

You can read more of our reviews at our Tripadvisor.com

Wine Tasting

A Kutna Hora extension/combination also available includes a local wine tasting, offered by a traditional family company. Wines of the mid-Bohemian region (typically Pinot Noir, St. Laurent, Muller Thurgau, Gewutztraminer) have won many Czech Republic awards and are known for their spiciness and minerality. Contact us for more detailed information.

Additional information

Duration: 6 – 7 hours
Availability: all year around except mondays
Location: 85 km – 1 hour drive east of Prague
Means of transport: a car/van and walking
Walking: easy, smoth, sometimes cablestones. In the former silver mine
often narrow and low corridors.
What to see: Medieval town Kutná Hora, St. Barbora catedral, Ossuary,
Italian court, Exposition of mining, Unique stone fountain
Links: www.kutnahora.czwww.kostnice.cz
Meeting place & time: reception of your hotel unless agreed otherwise and time
we leave completely up to you.


Price of this fully private trip includes a car/ a van + a driver and a service of a guide

amount of people CZK EUR USD
1 – 2 people 5.900,- 228,- 285,-
3 – 6 people 6.500,- 268,- 335,-
  • You can pay after the tour to your guide or a driver.
  • Entrance fees are not included in the price  and may slightly vary.
  • EUR and US count is approximate and can alter depending on actual exchange rates.

Extra options

  • It is also possible to hire a private guide who would act as a driver: a private guide and driver in one. This is a cheaper alternative to hiring an extra guide and an extra driver. If you are interested, send us an email for details.
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