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  • Do you like hunting trophies and collections of period weapons? Why not to leave Prague just for a half day, with afternoon return?
  • Situated not far away from Prague, you can visit a castle and then tour interesting sights nearby.
  • We can also include a tour of Karlstejn Castle and/or Krivoklat Castle. If you are interested feel free to contact us for details.

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Day trip to Konopiště Castle

Keen to leave Prague for the day? Love castles and a picturesque countryside? If so, this is the tour for you.

Konopiště, once a medieval castle, was rebuilt by its last owner, Archduke Franz Ferdinand d’Este in the late 1880s to serve as an official residence for the Hapsburg family.

One of the most influential monarchs of his time, the Archduke was also an avid collector of weapons and hunting trophies, all of which are proudly displayed on the castle walls.

A private tour to Konopiste also includes a visit to a nearby royal rose garden and, if you so wish, a small chateau on the journey back to Prague.

This part of Bohemia is known for its splendid countryside and we are sure it will make your tour a memorable one.

Feel free to extend the tour if you wish to do so.

The tour of Konopiste Castle can be possibly extended by visiting Karlstejn Castle and Krivolat Castle (see pictures below) or any other place you would like to experience in this region.

The tour of three castles Konopiste, Karlstejn and Krivoklat would take the whole day. If you are interested in this, we can provide more detailed information.


In Konopiste Castle you can take folloving tours:

Konopiste Castle – Tour 1:

The tour will start in a corridor decorated with more that 800 hunting trophies shot by Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

During the Tour 1 you will visit and see guest rooms and representative rooms situated on the 1st floor of the south wing of the castle. This section is full of original paintings, furniture and porcelain.

An authentic dining room with a columned entrance salon connecting to a kitchen will follow next. Finally you will able to see private apartments once used by German Emperor Wilhelm II.

Konopiste Castle – Tour 2:

This tour explores the oldest spaces of the castle with Gothic and Renaissance vaults in the chapel. The apartments are formed by a common room, bedroom and study.

Next you will tour the corridors decorated with weapons to the 3rd floor of the castle, and the armory.

The collection of weapons in the armory belongs to one of the most valuable and significant in Central Europe.

Next you will visit a small hunting oriented corridor, library and a smoking lounge.

Konopiste Castle – Tour 3:

On this tour you will learn about the history of the Habsburg dynasty and the fate of Franz Ferdinand and his family.

The hunting corridors lead to the private rooms of Franz Ferdinand consisting of an office, bedroom, dressing room, and bathroom. Franz Ferdinand’s passion for hunting is best demonstrated in his salon that is full of roe deer and chamois antlers.

Another part of the tour shows the rooms of the children of F.F. and a room of their tutor.

The next step is a music salon with a big toner with a collection of sculptures and reliefs from the collection of F.F from the 15th to 18th century.

Konopiste castle – Opening times and Entrance fees

Entrance Fees:

Tour 1 – 2: 220 CZK/ adult, children, students, seniors 140 CZK / person

Route 3: 320 CZK/ adult, children, students, seniors 220 CZK / person.

The castle is opened to the public from the 30th of March to November 30th but is closed on Mondays.

Additional information

Duration: 5 hours
Availability: from1st April to 30th October, closed on Mondays
Location: 50 km south east of Prague
Means of transport: a car / a van, walking
Walking: smooth and easy
What to see: Konopiste Chateau, Rose garden, a bear pit
Links: www.zamek-konopiste.cz
Meeting place & time: reception of your hotel unless agreed otherwise and time we leave
  completely up to you.


 Price of this fully private trip includes a car/ a van + a driver and a service of a guide

amount of people CZK EUR USD
1 – 2 people 4.600 191 270
3 – 6 people 5.600 233 329
  • You can pay after the tour to your guide or a driver.
  • Entrance fees are not included in the price  and may slightly vary.
  • EUR and US count is approximate and can alter depending on actual exchange rates.

Extra options

  • It is also possible to hire a private guide who would act as a driver: a private guide and driver in one. This is a cheaper alternative to hiring an extra guide and an extra driver. If you are interested, send us an email for details.
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