Prague City Information

Prague has been the capital city of the Bohemia for more than 11. centuries. It has always been the political, economical and cultural centre of our lands.

It was originally founded as a merchants town because it was lying on an intersection of two important trade routes.

In 14th. century it was the biggest town in Europe as it became the centre of Holy Roman Empire.

Since 16th. century Prague has not been seriously damaged not even during WWII. and this is a reason why it is so well preserved with hundreds of beautiful sights.

Prague has 16 districts but the centre consists of four historical parts. All the important sights in a historical centre are within a walking distance and it means walking is the best way to explore the town.

The centre has a medieval layout with squares in the middle and streets pointing towards the squares. It is a good thing to have a map with you and they are provided free either in a reception of your hotel or tourist information around the centre.

Town is very safe and you do not have to worry walking around even in the evening. The only unpleasant experience can be a pickpocketing (like in all turist places) and that is a reason why taking care of your belonging is needed.

Explore our town with a help of a nice, knowledgeble and friendly local person. A private guided tour will be your best investment.

We are sure it will broaden your view of the city much more than if you were on your own or in a group of other people.

The time is yours and what we do, how we do it and when we do it, is just and only up to you.

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