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  • Are you looking for a private transfer to/from a Danube River Cruise from/to Prague?
  • We can take you directly to/from any place on the Danube River, or arrange to do sightseeing along the way.
  • Don´t wait at train stations or airports but enjoy sightseeing in places you would love to see.
  • Choose your time, your route and your pace and make the out most of your time!

Danube River Cruises Prague Transfers

Our private transfers to/from Prague from Budapest, Vienna, Passau, Regensburg, Vilshofen or any other place are organized as a one way transfer when guests are picked up at the starting point and delivered to their destination. Guests stay at their final destination and do not return back. Our service is a door to door service.

You will be provided with an English speaking driver and a comfortable car/van. All of our drivers speak English well (although with some mistakes) but most importantly, they are nice, knowledgeable and friendly people. Our drivers are experienced, and they know interesting places and stories. They can provide you with some current and historical information about the Czech people, their lifestyle and other topics you may be interested in.

Our drivers can guide you partially; however, they will not provide the service of a professional guide in terms of a deep knowledge of history and background. This can be accomplished by hiring a local guide during your transport. Most of the Czech castles, chateaus and glassworks, etc., offer their own guide services.

You can also use a service of a fully English speaking driver/guide in one. Just let us know for availability.

You can visit following cities and sights during your private transfer:

  • Vienna – Cesky Krumlov – Prague
  • Passau – Cesky Krumlov – Prague
  • Munich – Karlstejn Castle – Prague
  • Nuremberg – Pilsen – Prague
  • Regensburg – Karlstejn Castle – Prague
  • Salzburg – Cesky Krumlov – Prague
  • Vilshofen – Cesky Krumlov – Prague
  • Budapest – Bratislava – Prague
  • Dresden – Terezin – Prague
  • Berlin – Dresden – Prague
  • Krakov – Olomouc – Prague
  • Danube River Cruises

If you would like to go somewhere else, just let us know where.


The Danube river flows through Central and Eastern Europe. The river originates in the Black Forest in Germany, and passes through four capital cities and ten countries. With the help of canals, it is possible to travel by river cruises directly from the North Sea to the Black Sea.

Trips from Danube River Cruises to Prague

Every year we bring people from their final destinations on the Danube river to Prague. Cities like Vienna, Budapest, Passau, Regensburg, Vilshofen and Nuremberg are situated just a few hours drive from Prague and it is possible to do sightseeing along the way. You will be provided with a comfortable car/van, driver/ guide or an English speaking driver. In Prague we can take care of you by offering fully private and customized tours the same as day trips to various corners of the Czech Republic.


The Rhine is the second longest river in Central and Western Europe. It originates in the Swiss Alps and flows towards the north and finally empties into the North Sea in Holland. During its way from the Alps to the North Sea, the Rhine passes through four countries.

Danube River Cruises – Rhine River Cruises – Elbe River CruisesDanube River Cruises – Rhine River Cruises – Elbe River CruisesDanube River Cruises – Rhine River Cruises – Elbe River Cruises

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