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  • A trip from Prague to Cesky Krumlov is one of the most popular Day Trips from Prague.
  • Visitors are charmed by the antiquity and history of this pearl among towns of the Czech Republic.
  • The town is situated two and one-half hours drive from Prague and is definitely worth the visit

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Private trip Prague to Cesky Krumlov

A day trip from Prague to Cesky Krumlov is a great opportunity to admire the second most visited town in Bohemia which competes with Prague for title of Central Europe’s most beautiful town.

There’s really nowhere quite like Cesky Krumlov. It is guaranteed to delight visitors with its UNESCO-protected castle, immaculately preserved medieval streets and stunning Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance-era buildings, filled with cafes, restaurants, boutiques and galleries.

Although the world and towns around us have changed a good deal, the old charm of this city has yet to fade. Visitors are repeatedly impressed by its unique natural setting and its antiquity which reminds one of a fairy tale setting.

The town was built in a serpentine bend of the Vltava river with Krumlov castle on the rock massive rising above the town. When visiting Cesky Krumlov one senses its more than 800 years of history.

Since mid-13th century it has been an important town of southern Bohemia. The town as well as the castle especially flourished during the Rosenberg family rule in the 16th century.

Don´t forget to take a tour of the castle which is second in size in the Czech Republic after Prague Castle and is the main landmark of the town.

We guarantee you will fall in love immediately with this town!


“Prague and Cesky Krumlov Private Tour”

In early September 2012, we visited Prague with Kamil as our guide for two half days. He also drove the four of us to Cesky Krumlov on another day and back to Prague in the evening. Kamil was an excellent guide. He is very knowledgeable and answered our many questions, is very organized and gave us recommendations of a number of different topics. We also enjoyed our drive and visit to Cesky Krumlov. Kamil’s comments about the surrounding countryside gave us a broader experience of the Czech Republic. We felt like we were traveling and sharing with a new friend. I would highly recommend Kamil Vondrous to anyone visiting Prague!

You may read more reviews at our


Each year the town organizes numerous festivals and celebrations that attract thousands of visitors. The most famous celebration is the 3 day, Five-Pettalled Rose Celebration in mid-June when the town is full of theatre performances, concerts, dances and is highlighted by a medieval procession through the town. In early 20th century the painter Egon Schiele, a famous name and a leading personality of Austrian expressionism resided in Cesky Krumlov. The Egon Schiele museum displays a number of his works.


Cesky Krumlov is rich in history and cultural heritage. Besides viewing Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance buildings and roaming the picturesque streets and shops, visitors also enjoy Krumlov Castle with its beautiful garden, numerous museums and galleries, and theater with Revolving Auditorium.

History of Cesky Krumlov

1253 is the first written mention of Cesky Krumlov when castle and town were seat of the Vitek dynasty. After Vitek dynasty died out in 1302, their property was passed on to relatives, the lords of Rosenberg, who made Krumlov their residence for the next 300 hundred years. The Rosenberg family were among the most powerful aristocratic families in Bohemia. Their power, wealth and personal interest in Cesky Krumlov turned the town into an economical and cultural domain in South Bohemia. The Rosenbergs coat of arms, a five petalled rose, is a symbol of Cesky Krumlov even today.

In early 17th century the domain and the castle was sold to the Emperor and king of Bohemia Rudolf II of the Habsburg dynasty. Shortly thereafter, the castle and town were passed to the Eggenbergs family for their rendered services. The Eggenbergs presided until selling to the Schwarzenberg family. Ultimately, in 1947 the castle and other Schwarzenberg property were transferred to state ownership.

1992 is very important to Cesky Krumlov recent history – the year it was listed as a UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage sight. As a result the town has become a well-known tourist center as well as location of a number of important cultural events.


Additional information

Duration: 10 hours
Availability: all year round, castle closed: 31st October – 21st March
Location: 180 km south of Prague. 2- 3 hours by car
Means of transport: a car/van and walking
Walking: to a castle – uphill, otherwise easy and cobblestones.
What to see: Krumlov Castle, Castle theatre, Old town, Latran,
Medieval streets, Eggenberg Brewery
Meeting place & time: reception of your hotel unless agreed otherwise and time we leave
completely up to you


Price of this fully private trip includes a car/ a van + a driver and a service of a guide

amount of people CZK EUR USD
1 – 2 people 8.200 292 365
3 – 6 people 8.900 332 415
  • You can pay after the tour to your guide or a driver.
  • Entrance fees are not included in the price  and may slightly vary.
  • EUR and US count is approximate and can alter depending on actual exchange rates.

Extra options

  • It is also possible to hire a private guide who would act as a driver: a private guide and driver in one. This is a cheaper alternative to hiring an extra guide and an extra driver. If you are interested, send us an email for details.
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