Český Krumlov

  • A trip to Český Krumlov is one of the most popular day trips out of Prague.
  • A real pearl among towns of the Czech Republic where you will be charmed by its antiquity and history.
  • The town is situated two and a half hours drive from Prague and it is definitely worth the visit.

A private trip to Český Krumlov

This tour is a great opportunity to admire the second most visited town in Bohemia which competes with Prague for the title of Central Europe’s most beautiful town.

There’s really nowhere quite like Český Krumlov. It is guaranteed to delight visitors with its UNESCO-protected castle, immaculately preserved medieval streets and stunning gothic and Renaissance-era buildings, filled with cafes, restaurants, boutiques and galleries.

Although the world and the towns around us has changed a good deal, the old charm of this city hasn´t faded yet.
Visitors are over and over impresed by its unique natural setting and its antiquity which reminds of a place from a fairy tale.

The town was built in a meander of the Vltava river with a massive castle on the rock masive rising above the town. When visiting Český krumlov you will feel and witness its more then 800 years of history.

Since the middle of the 13th century it has been an important town of the southern Bohemian district. The town as well as the castle especially flourished during the rule of the Rosenberg family in the 16th century.

Don´t forget to take a tour of the castle which is the second in size in the Czech Republic after Prague Castle and it is the main landmark of the town.

Every year the town organises a number of festivals and celebrations that atract thousands of people.

We guarantee you will fall in love immediately with this town!

Český Krumlov is a pearl among the historical towns in Bohemia. You will be enchanted by its castle and medieval character, which seems to take you far back in time. After the historical center of Prague, this is the second most visited UNESCO town in the Czech Republic.

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